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The GPS works pretty well and it has made our daily/weekly print job more effective and efficient.? It saves us tremendous time on certain procedures that we used to do manually

Great software!

Fiona Tsai
Credit Account Manager

We decided to purchase Global Print Solution software after looking at other competitors.? We found that since we have had it in our system to be extremely user friendly, very reliable, and easy to use.? We have had no problems with it since its been installed.

I would highly recommend GPS over all other competitors!

Perry Teague
Chief Information Officer

Global Print Solution has a product line and IT Support that was better than anyone else we looked at to help our customers.? Their IT staff was proficient and the follow up has made it easy for our customers work with.

Our customers have been completely satisfied with GPS and have said that any assistance that they needed was responded to in a very fast and timely manner.

GPS offers us and other dealers in our industry the unique opportunity to work with a staff that has gone above and beyond our expectations.

Randy Sherwood

We chose to go with GPS after looking at other software and have been very satisfied with the program and service we have experienced. The program proved to be easy for our mailroom staff to use and has helped increase our accounting efficiencies.

I would recommend GPS for anyone looking for print management software to help improve their processes.

Jonathan Hostutler
Chief Information Officer

We purchased GPS software almost four years ago. At the time, we were manually sorting both statement and invoice files by account and then matching them together. GPS customized our statement and invoice process by combining both documents together in a very easy to use program.

GPS solved a huge issue for us and saved us time and a lot of labor hours. Their technical IT support has been great. Anytime we needed help, they fixed it immediately and were extremely efficient.
I highly recommend both the software and the company.

Julie Lee
Office Manager

We chose Global Print Solution over competitor products because they offered prompt and efficient software at a better quality. Their support staff has proven to be efficient and accurate when we needed assistance.

We are pleased with our decision to go with this product and would recommend it to others who need software to help in their mailroom.

Jorge Gutierrez
Corporate Accounting Manager

We use Global Print Solution because they gave us the ability to close more folder inserter prospects where the customer needs a higher level of sophistication for Optical Mark codes on their documents along with the ability to push those documents electronically to interface with our payment gateway.

We found GPS very easy for our customer to interact with and the team at GPS was proficient, on-time and on schedule. They went above and beyond the call of duty for us and our customers.

Kenneth Kasznel

We began using Global Print Solution as our software vendor to provide a solution for our healthcare billing and statements in 2009. We chose to go with GPS after looking at other software options because they conformed their program to our system rather than having us conform to theirs.

We have experienced thousands of dollars a month in savings, both in labor and in expenses. The software paid for itself well before our initial projected ROI.
Ancilliary Care would recommend GPS to anyone looking to install a program that is easy to use, saves time and money. The service we have experienced since we have installed it has gone beyond our expectations.

Darwin Maxim
Facility Manager
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